The automotive industry is constantly evolving and reinventing itself

Thermal propulsion, then electric and now hybrid are at the heart of our business since 20 years.

European (Euro6/Euro7), American (LEVIII/PZEV), Chinese (Beijing6), Indian and Brazilian environmental standards are increasingly drastic and have an impact on the way we design fuel circuits: more complex, cleaner and more sustainable.

Always ahead of the curve, always at the forefront of innovation, RM Technologies offers robust solutions that meet these demanding standards. Pressurized Hybrid Tanks (PHEV) / Conventional Tanks/ Prototypes/ Ventilation Valves/ Tank Plugs.

Hybrid vehicles combine the advantage of the two worlds: the thermal motor for the road and the electric motor for the city.
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Not all programs require the benefits of our HyPe® solution, so we offer single-ply solutions for conventional tanks...
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RM Technologies is able to design, build tools, produce and ship all the fuel system prototypes you need.
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The ventilation valve is a centrepiece of the fuel system.
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RM Technologies produces both standard and PHEV tank caps.
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A subsidiary of the RMT Group, RM Technologies is an integral part of a diverse set of skills and resources to support you in your projects at all levels.